Solar Panel Cost

Over the past decade, the price of solar panel systems have reduced dramatically. For this reason, homeowners have been racing to get their installation process underway to start saving money. If you consider the price reduction and ever growing Federal and State credits being given, making the move to solar has never been easier.

Solar panels are typically priced by the amount of wattage required for the system. This directly relates to price because the more wattage a panel has, the more power it can produce. In today’s market, the standard price per watt runs around $3 to $4. So the price for a 5kW panel system should cost about $15,000 to $20,000. If you run into a company charging close to $5 per watt, know that there are much better prices in the market.

Installation Cost

When considering the move to solar energy, it’s important to be aware of all the various costs involved. When it comes to the cost of full solar installation, the panels themselves account for around a quarter of what you’ll spend. Other costs will involve the inverter, wiring, electrical components, etc. There are also other soft costs involved in the process. These soft costs for solar energy installation include permits, labor, acquisition fees, and so on. If you’re ready to move to solar, make sure that you have fully assessed the cost of the entire process. To find out more about installation cost, please speak with us today by calling (208) 810-8459.

Solar Panel Savings

To break down the savings in solar compared to energy from the grid, you have to assess how much you are paying per kWh for each. It varies for each state but on average, the cost for electricity from the grid is around 12-17 cents per kWh. The average price to produce your own electricity with solar is about 7 cents per kWh. This means that you’ll be reducing your energy costs by half right after installation. If you look at these numbers after 10 years, the difference is significant. Plus, you will be avoiding any rate increases from the utility. Why rent your power, when you can own it for less?

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are built to withstand some of the most extreme climates. Whether it experiences heavy rain, snow, or heat, solar panels will not suffer any damage. However, for full optimization, it’s very important that you clean your panels a few times a year. You can do this by using a leaf blower to remove debris or even running a hose over the panels. For more information on how to properly maintain your panels, contact us today by calling (208) 810-8459.