Solar Financing

Get financed for solar for $0 Down! The best way to finance your solar panel system all depends on your situation. This includes your credit score and location. Due to the many options available for solar financing, it’s best to consult an expert in financing solar panels. At Connect My Solar, we understand the many intricacies in solar financing and provide valuable advice to our community. If you’re looking to find the best route in financing your solar equipment, speak with us today at (208) 810-8459.

Solar Loans

When it comes to purchasing solar panels for your home, you can either purchase one upfront or find a solar loan. We are approved to offer our clients some of the best rates on the market- including $0 down required. As the market for solar panels is so large, the availability for solar loans is abundant. There are many types of loans available so it is important to be aware of their stipulations so you don’t get trapped in steep payments. We always suggest consulting with solar experts that can refer you to friendly loan options. If you contact Connect My Solar, we are more than happy to find a loan that best suits your position in life. The most important things that we consider for our clients is the APR of a loan and the monthly payments. For the smoothest transition into solar, our clients look to us to find the best loans for them.

Solar Lease

For those who can’t afford to purchase solar panels or take out a loan, they can opt for a solar lease. Doing would be very similar to paying your electric company, except you have the peace of mind knowing that you operate on renewable energy. A great thing about solar leasing is that the first year is typically very affordable. However, these leases are escalating, meaning that the price will continually raise through the years. Someone with a solar lease is also not eligible to claim the 30% Federal tax credit. That credit goes to the company who is leasing. Being on a solar lease also means that your property value is not increased, as you do not own the solar system. Selling a house with leased solar panels can also be difficult because of the process of transferring the lease.

Buy Solar Panels

If you’re ready to transition to solar energy, we highly recommend finding a solar loan. This way, you can benefit from the perks of solar panels while not having to pay the full price immediately. After installation, you’ll see a big reduction in energy costs the first month and save significantly over your lifetime. You’ll also be increasing the property value of your home and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. With solar panels, you can be safe from power outages and unexpected price spikes. To top everything off, solar panels come with healthy State and Federal tax credits that you’ll benefit from for years to come. To change your life and begin the process, contact Connect My Solar today at (208) 810-8459.