Pros & Cons of Solar

It’s been over 60 years since Solar Panels were invented and their popularity has been growing exponentially. Although many people are curious about installing solar panel systems to their home, they aren’t fully aware of the pros and cons. To help our community and give them the knowledge to make an informed decision, we’ve provided a few key points on the topic. Our goals are not just to sell a bunch of solar equipment to you. Our mission if you educate each individual with correct information and facts, aiding them into making a decision if solar is for them or not. If you have any further questions regarding solar panels, please feel free to contact us at (208) 810-8459.

Reduce Electricity Costs

Installing solar panels to your home is a great investment move. As the price of solar panel systems is continually dropping, now is a better time to purchase than ever. After installation, you’ll immediately notice the dramatic reduction in energy costs. This is due to the way that your solar energy interacts with the utility grid. As you collect solar energy, it is converted into usable electricity that can be utilized as well as sent to the grid. Your utility meter tracks all of the energy sent back to the grid which ensures that you are credited for the energy that you supplied.

Increase Your Property Value

Installing solar panels to your home is a great way to increase the overall property value. It’s also worth noting that houses with solar panels sell much quicker on the market.

Attain Energy Independence

With solar panels, you no longer have to rely on your local power company. This means that you have complete control over the energy you source. Another great part of being on solar energy is that, with a backup battery, you’ll never experience a blackout.

Help the Environment

Solar energy is a pure, renewable source, which means that it’s doing significantly less harm the environment. Compared to a traditional coal-powered plant, solar energy consumes 99% less water and produces 99% less air pollution.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Batteries Are Expensive

While all solar equipment continues to drop in price, the batteries are still quite expensive. They aren’t a required purchase but are necessary in order to take full advantage of your solar energy system. It is worth noting that the Federal Solar Tax Credit applies to the purchase of these batteries.

High UpFront Cost

Making an investment implies that you must spend a good amount of money at first but will see healthy returns in the future. This is certainly the case with solar panels. However, with Federal and State incentives/credits, making this investment has become well worth the upfront cost.

Solar Panels Stay Where They Are

Once installed, solar panels can’t be taken with you. This is something to consider if you’re planning on moving to a new location soon. However, as mentioned before, selling a house with solar panels is an excellent decision in today’s market.