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Solar panels are paving the way to a cleaner and more efficient world. Every day, more and more people are choosing to make the transition to solar energy. At Connect My Solar, we are thrilled to be part of the movement and provide our expert services to the community. With years of experience, we have the knowledge needed to help people make the smartest move to solar. By advising with financing, equipment selection, and maintenance, we give our customers the ability to make informed decisions. If you’re interested in going solar, learn more about the equipment and process by navigating the links on our page.

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We believe that renewable energy resources are the way to a better future. Our goal is to give back to Mother Nature and stop relying on harmful fossil fuels for our energy. Solar energy has not only provided cleaner air but has also helped thousands of people save on energy costs. What we are sharing is more than a service, but a lifestyle change.

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Comprehensive Solar Services

With a commitment towards a greener world, we have made it our job to provide excellent solar services. Whether you have questions about solar energy or are in need of solar related services, you can always trust in Connect My Solar. The services we provide our community include but aren’t limited to the following;

  • Solar batteries
  • Solar financing
  • Solar loans
  • Solar panel installation
  • Solar panel maintenance
  • Solar servicing
  • And more